CNCat 4.3 Antivirus Report

   CNCat software have been tested by team against viruses, spyware, adware and was founded to be 100% clean.
  We will recheck this software periodically to assure users that it remain clean.

CNCat 4.3 Antivirus Report

   creating: cncat/
   inflating: cncat/add.php             
   creating: cncat/admin/
   creating: cncat/cat/
   inflating: cncat/code.php              
extracting: cncat/donate.txt           
   inflating: cncat/from.php              
   inflating: cncat/index.php           
   inflating: cncat/install.php        
   inflating: cncat/jump.php              
   creating: cncat/lang/
   creating: cncat/manual/
   inflating: cncat/search.php           
   inflating: cncat/thx.php             
   inflating: cncat/admin/auth.php     
   inflating: cncat/admin/broken.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/cat.php     
   inflating: cncat/admin/counters.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/dups.php     
   inflating: cncat/admin/edit.php     
   inflating: cncat/admin/index.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/logout.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/mail.php     
   inflating: cncat/admin/moveto.php  
   creating: cncat/admin/plugins/
   inflating: cncat/admin/plugins.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/templates.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/vote.php     
extracting: cncat/admin/_bottom.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/_top.php     
   inflating: cncat/admin/plugins/export_xml.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/plugins/import_phpnuke.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/plugins/import_xml.php  
   inflating: cncat/admin/plugins/multi_add.php  
   inflating: cncat/cat/cnlogo.gif     
extracting: cncat/cat/cnlogow.gif  
   inflating: cncat/cat/dots.gif        
   inflating: cncat/cat/i.gif           
   inflating: cncat/cat/ismall.gif     
extracting: cncat/cat/none.gif        
   inflating: cncat/cat/star.gif        
extracting: cncat/cat/tablebg.gif  
   inflating: cncat/lang/lang_eng.php  
   inflating: cncat/lang/lang_rus.php  
   inflating: cncat/manual/manual.html  
Scanning cncat/install.php
              cncat/install.php: OK
Scanning cncat/from.php
              cncat/from.php: OK
Scanning cncat/manual/manual.html
              cncat/manual/manual.html: OK
Scanning cncat/add.php
              cncat/add.php: OK
Scanning cncat/search.php
              cncat/search.php: OK
Scanning cncat/index.php
              cncat/index.php: OK
Scanning cncat/thx.php
              cncat/thx.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/counters.php
              cncat/admin/counters.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/cat.php
              cncat/admin/cat.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/_top.php
              cncat/admin/_top.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/plugins.php
              cncat/admin/plugins.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/templates.php
              cncat/admin/templates.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/logout.php
              cncat/admin/logout.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/plugins/import_xml.php
              cncat/admin/plugins/import_xml.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/plugins/multi_add.php
              cncat/admin/plugins/multi_add.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/plugins/export_xml.php
              cncat/admin/plugins/export_xml.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/plugins/import_phpnuke.php
              cncat/admin/plugins/import_phpnuke.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/index.php
              cncat/admin/index.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/dups.php
              cncat/admin/dups.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/broken.php
              cncat/admin/broken.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/_bottom.php
              cncat/admin/_bottom.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/edit.php
              cncat/admin/edit.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/moveto.php
              cncat/admin/moveto.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/vote.php
              cncat/admin/vote.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/auth.php
              cncat/admin/auth.php: OK
Scanning cncat/admin/mail.php
              cncat/admin/mail.php: OK
Scanning cncat/donate.txt
              cncat/donate.txt: OK
Scanning cncat/jump.php
              cncat/jump.php: OK
Scanning cncat/lang/lang_rus.php
              cncat/lang/lang_rus.php: OK
Scanning cncat/lang/lang_eng.php
              cncat/lang/lang_eng.php: OK
Scanning cncat/cat/i.gif
              cncat/cat/i.gif: OK
Scanning cncat/cat/cnlogo.gif
              cncat/cat/cnlogo.gif: OK
Scanning cncat/cat/ismall.gif
              cncat/cat/ismall.gif: OK
Scanning cncat/cat/dots.gif
              cncat/cat/dots.gif: OK
Scanning cncat/cat/tablebg.gif
              cncat/cat/tablebg.gif: OK
Scanning cncat/cat/none.gif
              cncat/cat/none.gif: OK
Scanning cncat/cat/cnlogow.gif
              cncat/cat/cnlogow.gif: OK
Scanning cncat/cat/star.gif
              cncat/cat/star.gif: OK
Scanning cncat/code.php
              cncat/code.php: OK
Scanning OK

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Scanned directories: 7
Scanned files: 40
Infected files: 0
Data scanned: 0.39 MB
Time: 1.420 sec (0 m 1 s)

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CNCat 4.3 Description:

CNCat is a powerful application intended for creation of web-resources and articles directory. Now you can manage your web directories more easily and more efficiently! The program is easy to install, set up, and maintain. CNCat allows you to:
- create and manage a directory of links and articles;
- use categories with unlimited nesting, cross-categories and filters;
- automatically check links efficiency and backward links availability (CRON also);
- comments and ratings from users;
- use black/white lists of site URLs;
- use powerful templates for interface configuration;
- plugins support;
- place banners and insert PHP code on the pages;
- use fulltext search through the directory;
- broadcast data to RSS feeds;
- send automatic e-mail notifications;
- bring directory management to moderators; backup links, articles and configuration;
- upgrade directory from previous versions of CNCat (1.x to 4.x).
CNCat have multi-language interface (English, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian). Test CNCat functionality to check its features using LIVE DEMO on our website!

CNCat Free Edition

"CNCat Free Edition" allows you to use the entire CNCat functional with the following limitations:
* Maximum number of submitted links is 200.
* Automatic links addition is disabled.
* Additional moderators are not allowed to work in the administrative interface.
* "Powered by CNCat" copyright mark can not be removed.
* Limited support.

"CNCat Free Edition" has no time limitations: it will always be available.

To break these limitations, you should purchase CNCat license and enter the registration key in the administrative interface.

Download link:   

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